Who We Are

Heroes Spread Life is a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling it's mission to increase the amount of potential organ donors nationwide. Our number one goal is to become the face of pre and post-transplant by integrating physical activity, health curriculum, youth development programming, and in and out patient advocacy. 
With our professional and experienced staff and volunteers we establish clinics in each state, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to properly evaluate and refer patients to appropriate centers.

Our Services

Outpatient Services

After a patient is discharged, Hearts N Hands continues to educate on the following:​

*PTSD unrelated to war-like circumstances
*"My Life's Simple 7" (adapted from American Heart Association)

Transplant Support Services

Inpatient Service

From your bedside, Hearts N Hand will educate you on the following:

*Angiotensin-coverting Enzyme (ACE)
*Calcium Channel Blocks
*Loop/Thiazide Diuretics
*Cholesterol Medication (Antilipids)
*Pain Mediations

We are here to help guide you each step of the way:

*Alternative Surgeries
*Long-term Treatments